78 year old earns Law degree, vows to proceed with a Master’s

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A 78-year-old fresh law graduate in Nigeria has revealed that he has set his sights on pursuing a Master’s degree.

Chief Suleiman Adepoju recently earned a Bachelor’s in Law at Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Born in 1942, Chief Suleiman stated that he is the third amongst his father’s 11 children from two wives.

His ambition was to be a banker, a dream he achieved after finishing secondary school in 1962.

He worked at the National Bank of Nigeria for a couple of years before moving abroad for further studies.

He later returned to Nigeria and joined Wema Bank in 1972.

When asked about his journey into law school, Chief Suleiman mentioned that he registered to study Law at the University of Lagos in 1990.

However, due to his tight schedule as Director of a bank, he suspended the study plans.

Chief Sulieman retired in 1995 and 21 years later, he decided to return to Law school in 2016.

“I retired in 1995 and then in 2016, I said why didn’t I go back to this programme? That was how I went back to read Law at Lead City University. And to God be the glory, I met very good people, good lecturers and colleagues who were kind to me. I had a very good time in school,” he narrated to a Nigerian blog punchng.com

He describes the learning experience as challenging and stimulating.

“I was happy I went in there; it has changed my outlook. Everything went well, I was able to cope. The courses I found most challenging were Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Law of Evidence and Company Law, to mention a few,” he stated.

He intends to focus on the sphere of corporate law.

“I found Criminal Law a bit technical; because of my age, I am not planning to go into litigation, wearing a gown and going to court. I’ll like to be a corporate lawyer. After Law School, if God spares my life, I will go back to school for Master’s in Law,” Chief Suleiman stated.

He thanked his wife and children for supporting his ambition to go back to school.

He further revealed that he interacted well with his classmates and other colleagues.

“My classmates were excited and they even gave me a special seat in the front of the class, close to the lecturers. And that was what they did for me throughout the programme. I had some of them who were the ages of my grandchildren. They respected me a lot and they still respect me. The lecturers too gave me the respect I deserve and I am proud that I passed through that system,” he stated.

He advised students to remain focused and avoid extravagance. Furthermore, they shouldn’t expect much from society and should instead strive to contribute more.

We wish him all the best.

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