65 year old teacher poisons himself over Shs. 200,000 debt

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Residents of Oyam district are in shock following news that a teacher committed suicide over a 200,000 shillings debt.

It is reported that 65-year-old Aldo Ocen, a primary school teacher, consumed a tin of insecticides used for spraying cotton.

Locals revealed that Ocen recently critically injured a neighbour identified as Abdullah Ojok while they wrestled each other.

Ocen fractured Ojok’s limb during the fight and was ordered to settle his medical bill.

Unfortunately, the father of seven was unable to pay because he had not received his salary since June 2020

According to URN, Sam Otim, a boda boda rider, said the deceased who had entered into an agreement to pay Ojok’s medical bill before the local authorities could not raise money since he had accumulated debts from the local saving groups and from other members in the community.

Residents also claim that the teacher was under pressure from loan sharks who threatened to cease his property.

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