11 creative ways to grow your Twitter following in 2021

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Story courtesy of The Ignited (@igniteivan)

Happy new year, this year sounds like 2020 won, but we are still here, and that’s what matters.

Here are a few tips to help you grow your Twitter following and influence in 2021.

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1. Tweet frequently

Twitter is the NOW platform. Unlike Facebook, Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy. Frequent tweeting puts you in the eyes of many potential followers. However, it’s not just typing and tweeting, it has to be relevant at that moment.

2. Check your posting time

Look out for a prime time when most of your followers are active. Early morning and evenings, you stand more chance as many are using their devices. Maximize this time to have high chances of your tweets getting seen and bagging that engagement.

3. Post visual content

Pictures tell 1,000 words. A good picture makes the thumb stop scrolling and captures the eye. If you are posting a video, be careful not to waste people’s data bundles with bad video quality. Use a combination of memes, but do not recycle them a lot.

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4. Utilize hashtags

These help you tap into the audience that is not already following you. Posting interesting content relevant to these hashtags may open doors to new followers and more engagement on your tweet.

5. Engage with replies

RTs Twitter is not a billboard. Don’t tweet & go. When people reply to your tweets or tag you, drop a word. This helps build a connection with the followers. They become repeat commenters & you will soon start to be suggested when someone follows them

6. Create an inviting profile

Make your first impression beautiful. Add a nice bio, header photo, avi & a good handle. I have followed so many people because they have a nice bio. Handles with so many numbers are hard to remember. Show me a big account with @carol18852419293.

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7. Hunt outside of Twitter

Look beyond Twitter for followers. Get your friends and families to the app. Also, putting screenshots of your good content on other platforms may put you in the eyes of potential followers. So, take that screenshot and throw it on your WhatsApp status.

8. Identify top people

If you make friends with people who have a huge following, their retweet can push you a long way. This puts you in the eyes of their many followers. PS: Again, Twelebs, lift someone up. Give them a steppingstone. Show them the way.

9. Build a brand

Let people expect a kind of content from you. Whether it’s funny videos, political analysis, love tweets, sports. Because you are building a brand, don’t change your name and avi fwaa. Maintain then for a while before you swap. It makes you stand out.

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10. Don’t be dramatic

Drama may send you on an exponential rise to fame but the bodies you step on while rising will haunt you and you might soon lose your spot at the top. Keep away from unnecessary drama, but fight back if you have to. Don’t be a wimp. Just don’t be abusive.

11. Join a cause

One that you believe in. This will make you a sweetheart on the TLs of many that believe in the same thing you believe in.. giving you a loyal follower base.

Well, that’s it. Happy New Year 2021. If you found the tips helpful, follow @igniteivan on Twitter for more informative and interesting content.

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About the author: The Ignited is one of Uganda’s most influential Tweeps, boasting over 60K followers. Ivan is a marketer, tech blogger, content creator, and businessman. He owns Ignite Store, your one-stop shop for ladies’ handbags.

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